Installation view, My Body Hold Its Shape, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong.

Speed of Night 2.0 / 2020

Commissioned by Tai Kwun Contemporary
My Body Holds its Shape
Curated by Tan Xue

Duality and symmetry run through Chan’s works, echoing her meanderings between two realities of dreams and wakefulness, of the real and the fantastical. A site-specific kinetic installation, Speed of Night has two poles with hand-painted stripes inserted at the two corners of the space. The graphic element recalls hair salon signage, though the rough-and-ready quality and monochrome colour contradict this association. The familiarity and representation of memories become visual materials for the artist. As defined by the artist, the work rotates at the speed of night—hypnotically and possibly waiting endlessly for a dream.

* * *