Speed of Night 1.0 / 2019

Size: 113cm  (H) x 9 cm (W) x 9 cm (D)  @ each

The line, in this proposition, refers to a scientific conception of time where past, present and future co-exist.  Intuitively, time could also stumble, slow down or seem to stop altogether as shown in notions of time-travel and other temporal warps or loops. This abstract idea of time also recalls episodes of a recurring school festival opening day in the Japanese anime Urusei Yatsura 2 Beautiful Dreamer.
Divided into two identical parts, the work simultaneously appears as an emblematic depiction of “parallelness” - dualistic movements of time, and an imagination or fiction of multiple realities. The two totemic objects borrow the circular kinetic element from barber poles, where a persistent straight line visually appears to be a dissolution of short parallel strokes when viewed from one perspective. These strokes slowly unite into one continuous line and unfold in a circular motion.

The black lines on the circulating poles stand out from the background with a rhythmic aura, triggering an ethereal atmosphere of time passing, an ambient ritual experience.

* * *