Entanglement / 2018
Wood, fabric, sponge, rainbow lights


An amorphous waterfall symbolizes the constant flow of emotion and subconsciousness.
Two identical arched niches, symmetrically placed, subtly evoke a sacred altar space.

An odyssey is a journey from unknown secrets to subliminal enigmas.
Where the rainbow ends, what will we see?
A connection between two different worlds.
A mortal life in a dream and a dream of a mortal life.

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the gaze is the encounter of the subject with the real. The gaze of the character himself and the gaze of the monolith appear more clearly in the last scene in the white room. At Duddell's, surrounded by ethereal mirrored glass from the two side walls of the open-plan rooms, the diners and drinkers sitting in that area barely see a vague vision behind it. Their reflections and the space behind the glass blend into one dimension, as if in a double-exposure photograph. As in Zhuangzi's butterfly dream, this paradoxical dimension allows subjects to feel that they are mingling in real and unreal situations. Whereas ‘over the rainbow’ and ‘through the looking glass’ both mean entering a dream world, these filmic codes appeared many times in Kubrick’s movie Eyes Wide Shut to present the dream states of Bill and Alice.