Left: A Ghost Story / 2017 , Right: White Figure / 2017

A Ghost Story / 2017
Wood, fabric, sponge, reflector

Pianississimo / 2017
Plastic bags collected from Singapore, motors, felt

White Figure (Phantom) / 2017
Nylon strings, fan

Whine O Whine / 2017
Video installation

A Soft Note / 2017

Solo exhibition, Singapore

The notion of the exhibition explores the ambiguous nature of space as a psychological and material concept. It mark a shift toward memory and hallucination, that opens outward toward the viewers. It also reveals her on going investigations of sleep-deprived hallucinations and the blurring of reality in the Internet age. The sculptures exhibit the sentiment of isolation as well as evoking discrete realities. And her curtain veils vague, unknown images, expressing the inevitability of memory loss and the fear of becoming anonymous.

* * *