2.5 Dimensional Modules / 2021

Dreams and internet are similar, they are both areas where repressed conscious mind vents. - Paprika

As virtual reality has accelerated in a high speed, the time we spent on this ideal platform that we tried to build for ourselves has increased. This popular game designed by Nintendo, the Animal Crossing - a virtual space to built and customise the player’s own island and to meet friends around the world with a virtual identity, has great success especially during the Covid-19 lock down. From the island in the game to the island of Hong Kong , the notion of ideal home gave birth to the artwork 2.5 Dimensional Modules which conveys an object of desire. Having a balcony at home is like a trophy, it became a middle class fantasy. The history for this colonial influenced ideology can trace back to the early thirties. A house or apartment with balcony or verandah represents a higher social status, its development has become an indispensable desire for the middle class. The development of balconies in Hong Kong has transformed and deformed in decades. From utilitarian to semi-functional large window sill and nano flat balcony which only allows one person to walk in. But the desire of connecting the outside world / nature within our home has never ceased.

2.5 Dimensional Modules compiles of different parts that conveys the notion of customisation. Visualising shoppable modules for renovating a player’s own island in the game, it is a cusp of virtual and reality in terms of an ideal home. The option of choosing also recalls the quote from Renton in the movie Trainspotting (1996) on “Choose Life”. And somehow the way that we live in modern days with technology are addictions like heroin, whether to stay sober or drowned in dreamland, perhaps there is no difference.

* * *